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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Come on and Take a Free Ride

UPS has been knocking on our door almost every day this week it seems! We've finally got Hez's bike seat and helmet and are excited for a summer of bikes trails! Consensus? He cried. At first. But who really wants to wear a big funny helmet with a paci decal that says "I love mom" on it? I'm not one to complain about a decal promoting myself, but I do get that the helmet can be a bother. Hence the lack of one on my own head... I am planning to pull the little paci and other decals off and replace them with something cooler though.
But once we got to riding, he started to figure out that it was a pretty cool little set up. Sit back, relax and enjoy the view while I do all the work. And so far I am pretty happy with the front mount bike seat for him. It is slightly awkward to pedal, but not enough to really care. I'm not planning to race with him or anything, so for around town leisure rides it will do quite nicely!

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