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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sad Day

Remember this frame I scored at Salvation Army?Well I cleaned it up and with a little paint it came out looking like this! I had a piece of board cut to fit, and covered it with chalkboard paint. Then I left it on my porch, my gated porch, to dry. I was so excited because it was exactly the perfect width to hang on the column in our kitchen. Oh the things I would chalk on this board! And then I went outside to get it in the morning, and it was gone. Somebody stole my frame! I'm so furious to think somebody would steal a DIY project from a stay-at-home mom! And to think that it's probably hanging in somebody's house right now! I hope they get a guilty conscious every time somebody asks where they got the gorgeous frame. It didn't cost much, but making my home look nice (oh and raising my son) is my livelihood! My home is what I have to show all day for what I do (oh and my son too). Ugh. Thankfully though, our Schwinn bikes that were sitting on the porch were not touched. And they now reside in our dining room until I can make room for them to fit in our teeny little utility room that already has one bike and a lot of stuff in it. So now our living area contains an outdoor table with four chairs and two bikes. Lovely.

This quick project brought to you by nap time!

At one time the porch had outdoor carpet. I still don't get the concept of it, do you vacuum it? We had it at our old house, and it was awful to try and keep clean, and I did pull out the vacuum once or twice. But anyways, the carpet was gone when we bought the place, but there were a few strangler pieces left behind, and lots of yellowed glue on the cement. It appears somebody tried to remedy that by doing a less than satisfactory red paint job. Possibly the same red paint they used on the kitchen tile.Add to that all of our construction mess being drug over it, and it was looking pretty grungy.
I spent the early afternoon scrubbing the cement, all the while disguising it as water play time for the baby. Then a can of pre-tinted porch paint and one glorious hour and a half nap later...
It's looking a whole lot better. Hopefully everybody can figure out how to walk around it when they get off work! I had originally left a strip down the middle, but with Hez still asleep I'd be crazy not to just finish it! I'll probably do another coat though. Dirty spider webed walls look like they need some attention too. And the gate could use a fresh coat of black. And the light needs replacing...and...

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Birthday Photo Booth

Since Hez's birthday was at a park, I didn't feel the need (or desire!) to do any organized sort of game. But I did want something fun for everybody to do, so I decided to construct a photo booth of sorts. It was pretty inexpensive, the frame is just a few pieces of PVC and the fabric is some sort of fake cheap velvet. I used iron tape to make a simple curtain to hang from the frame, no sewing required! The one thing I was worried about was sunlight shinging through the back since the fabric was so thin, but I clamped a piece of black-out fabric I already had to the back.But I wanted more than just a red curtain, and since nobody seems to sell large circus font letters I decided to make them myself. The actual project was easy, but incredibly time consuming. First I cut out two of each letter and used strips of poster board to make some 3D letters.Then several layers of paper mache.Then some spray paint.Then a little gold paint for details.And once I set up the tripod and camera I ended up with this! Next to our 'photo booth' was a bucket full of props: the barbell from his invitation picture, top hats, big glasses, mustaches and clown noses...most of which was from the dollar store. I did a vintage effect on all the photos too.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Fun

In an effort to avoid storing an Easter basket, I came up with a not-so-typical basket for Hez that we'd be able to get use out of year round. A Boon Inc "Stash" organizer, filled with lots of art supplies. Paints, big chunky paintbrushes, chalk (I had no idea chalk came in that many colors!) and triangle crayons (easier for little ones to grip).Chalk was a hit, and he colored the sidewalk and his mouth.I think I may try to have Hez decorate a wooden egg every year as he grows, it would be cute to see them all lined up years from now. So since he isn't quite coordinated enough to actually paint an egg, we did a little tie-dye action. One coffee can, some craft paint and a wooden egg.Little bit of each color...Drop in the egg.Shake it up...or roll it.And that's it! Nothing fancy, but it came out cute and the baby got to be a part of it.And the colors are nice and springy too!Cutest 'green' eggs ever...Young House Love made some awesome all natural dyed wooden eggs for their baby girl. I might have to do this next year!


While I am still working on having completed a successful clothing item for myself, I have learned that altering baby clothes is quite simple. Most boys shirts seem to be wide and boxy looking on our tall and skinny baby, plus I think that's kind of the look nowdays. Needless to say, I've been taking in his shirts for a nice fitted look. Fancy baby.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

The Lord is risen indeed!

Can't wait till morning for Hez to see his Easter 'basket'!

Friday, April 22, 2011

House Party

Since his party was the Saturday before his birthday, I couldn't not do anything for his actual birthday. So I blew up some extra balloons to jazz up our light, hung a little streamer and made some carrot cupcakes. We hadn't made plans for anybody to come over, but Hez's cousins got to spend the night and celebrate with us!I almost want to leave them up, they make the light look way cooler.
Static electricity!
This time around, he actually blew out the candle! Insanely adorable.
But still no frosting mess!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Come Join the Fun! Hezekiah is Turning ONE!

Party day! We celebrated Hezekiah's First Birthday with lots of friends and family at a local park. I headed over an hour before the party to set up (with some help from my little sis) and quickly realized an hour to set up the overload of stuff I planned was not enough! But it all came together in the end! I also learned that those super cool really big balloons will not float with regular helium. Major bummer!

Anyways, on to the pictures. And get ready, there's a lot of them! Here's the fun dessert table! I spent a good portion of time making the marquee sign with Hezzy's name and Christmas lights (and had lots of help drilling holes from the husband). I got the idea after seeing that Sandy over at The Winding Road had made her own (for her own amazing circus party)...I figured it would be easy enough! But oh man, it took forever and threading in the lights (couldn't we have just spelled "HEZ" instead?!) was a seemingly grueling task. But it turned out so cool it was totally worth it.All the goodies...cupcakes, licorice (which I've apparently misspelled!), lollipops, a bucket of toys, stick on mustaches, peanuts and lots of balloon-animal balloons (with a little air pump too!).Elephant Peanuts! I took a sharpie to an old burlap sack I had lying around and filled it with peanuts.Cupcakes in all sorts of flavors: vanilla, peanut butter-chocolate, red velvet, German chocolate and even gluten-free vegan. And I kept it simple with the decorations by gluing scrapbook paper onto toothpicks for little flags.Hezzy's cake! And this was no ordinary cake, lucky baby got a whole-wheat carrot apple spice with cream cheese frosting. He's not one to gravitate towards sweeter foods (yay veggies!) and he loves cream cheese on toast, so I figured if he had a preference, or could talk, he'd ask for something like this. And that little strongman is a favorite toy of his, and how we decided on the whole concept of vintage circus.Next to the dessert table was another table with two buckets. And a beloved stuffed animal of Hez. We encouraged everybody to bring books and toys to donate to our local children's center instead of bringing presents and I was so excited to see the loads of donations our friends and family brought! I ended dropping off two boxes and a large bag full of toys, books and clothes!
The other bucket was filled with little party favor bags for all the kids, tied with a little "Thanks for coming to my party!" tag.I stuffed the bags with a box of old school animal cookies, play dough and a little circus animal and then it was up to the kids to fill it with whatever else they wanted from the treat table.A somewhat last minute thing I thought of (since we're frequently browsing our soon-to-be-closed-clear out-sales Borders) was to put a book out for everybody to sign. And how perfect that I was able to find Dr. Seuss's Birthday book on clearance!Here's a view of all the tables at the park. It was such a nice day for a park party, although the wind kept blowing away all our balloons!
Unfortunately, I totally forgot to get a picture of the table set-up I did, so here's a lame 'practice run' picture that was set up on my dining table. I'll admit, I'm a little OCD when I plan stuff. But basically, each table had a tin bucket (I had decorated them with duct tape) filled with popcorn, a circus animal with balloons tied to them, and some frames. The frames had scrapbook paper with a number "1" on one side and a picture of Hez on the other. And since I had 12 frames, I put a picture of him from each month.Popcorn buckets for the table, decorated with colored duct tape.And whoever sent back their RSVP tickets got their name thrown in a little raffle to win a Jamba gift card and a little puzzle and candy!And the best part of any one year old party has to be the cake...or the mess of cake! But this guy is as clean as they come and most of the mess on him was from us trying to encourage him to dig in. He did get a little into it when I gave him his spoon (he's very into feeding himself right now!).And after a minute, he just froze. So many friends and family singing and cheering him on just got to him and he didn't cry or anything, he just looked down in a blank stare and wouldn't move or look at anybody. Pretty cute, and a sure sign that there wasn't going to be any cake on the face today!But it did make for a very simple clean up...guess we didn't have to undress him after all!I've still got some more pictures from the party, namely the photobooth! But I think I've reached my picture limit for one post so they will come later! Also, I wont post anybody's pictures without them being cool with it, so if you don't mind that your photobooth picture gets posted I'd love it if you left me a comment! They are insanely cute!